Access Control

DRAGON Venue Access Control


Today, around the world, security has become one of our most vitally important concerns. Controlled access to all types of facilities is more prevalent than ever, to ensure the protection of people, property and information assets. DRAGON Access Control systems offer optimum solutions to these security demands, and they represent an integral part of the ticketing experience.

DRAGON control units enable secure, quick, easy and efficient access. Modern construction, the latest technologies, attractive designs and low-cost operation are the distinguishing features that make them the hands-down choice for access security.



DOOR::LOCK for offices and hotels


DOOR::LOCK stands for uncompromising technology, leading-edge design and the highest quality. The mechanism, as well as its electronic components, are attractively integrated within the 2 to 3 mm stainless steel mortise. Thus, the lock is not only absolutely tamper-resistant, but it is also unbeatably design-independent. The system is based on the modern RFID (radio frequency identification) technology and is one of the fastest electronic access control systems on the market. The doors are opened contact-free by presenting the electronic key to the reading antenna, which is available in a rosette or shield design. The access, which is recorded in the lock, is verified within 0.2 seconds. The communication between the key and the lock is bi-directional, creating a virtual network that forwards information within the system without the use of complex wiring. The software, which is also available as an Internet-based platform, enables the owner to flexibly manage access authorisations (locking plan).


SI::LOCKER Electronic motor-operated smart lock

for lockers, safes, cabinets and other applications

This locker is designed for installation at swimming pools, aqua parks, leisure centres, fitness and golf clubs, or medical centres. It can be used as a safe or for card indexes, or as any type of cabinet where simple yet secure locking is required. Its features include:

  • Unique motor-driven lock
  • One-hand operation
  • Easy identification of cabinet availability
  • One lock serves either left- or right-side door installations
  • Central management and monitoring system on user’s PC
  • High level of security
  • Power supply: 6V/1200mAh alkaline battery pack
  • IP class: IP54 (front panel)
  • Normal battery life: 10,000 cycles – maximum two years