DRAGON Venue Museums Edition

Powerful and innovative e-ticketing solution for museums, galleries, tourism attractions and the like, offering you a number of cutting-edge technical features to help organise and execute your patron-facing operations.


  • one powerful, durable, flexible and user-friendly solution for ticket sales and merchandising
  • streamlined transaction speed – up to 1.000 tickets per hour at each window
  • ease of use by part-time staff
  • impressive speed of one ticket per second – high-quality printing; smooth and simple handling
  • more than 4.000.000 tickets sold per year
  • …and 20 years of expertise in ticketing, with a dedicated, experienced service and support team


Main features:


  • box-office ticket selling by:
    • classification (adults, children, seniors, groups, etc.)
    • price category (season prices, bespoke prices, group prices, etc.)
    • and status (guest, VIP, press, etc.)
  • bar-coded tickets
  • ticket packages
  • merchandising with automatic stock keeping
  • multicurrency support
  • bespoke pricelist for agencies and other business partners
  • support for seated or non-seated event selling
  • membership categories (annual, lifetime, gift, etc.)
  • additional tracking of visitor data
  • online tickets, packages and merchandise sales
  • real-time and flexible reporting – standard built-in reports and end-user-defined reports
  • marketing tools (CRM)
  • WYSIWYG tools
  • additional POS hardware: cashboxes, customer displays, bar-code readers, etc.


Additional options:


  • automatic visitor-counting and access control system
  • ticket robot