Apple Passbook

A New Level of Convenience and Cool with Apple Passbook

We’re pretty excited about announcing our integration with Apple Passbook in our DRAGON Venue Mobile & Web solutions. Apple Passbook is a feature of Apple that enables you to store coupons, boarding passes, and event tickets directly into your mobile Apple device. The feature will work with iPhones back to 3GS, but you need to upgrade to the latest version of the iOS software (version 6). The feature will also work on Android devices with a compatible Android apps that support the Apple Passbook protocol and are available on Google Play store.

“We have had [email protected] tickets and pdf vouchers and virtual membership cards in DRAGON Venue for years, but Apple Passbook brings us a step closer to true mobile experience.” said Aljaž Mavrič, MD of DRAGON Ticketing.

What is Apple Passbook?